For as long as I can remember, my ultimate goal in life was to create something that would inspire change. Running has been a passion of mine since middle school when I ran on the school team. I continued through high school and ran non-competitively upon graduating. Running has always been my favorite form of exercise, I always feel so accomplished and few other forms of exercise come close to that feeling. 


In college, I decided after spectating a marathon that I was going to get myself in gear and train for one myself. Needless to say, training was poor. My nutrition plan was focused around dorm cafeteria food, not properly tying in cross training, not getting enough sleep, and fighting through nagging technique based injuries. I managed to get to race day, got through the first half of the marathon fairly strong, but I hit that second lap and my stomach gave in. I was physically ill for the last 11 miles of the race. I struggled to keep going. My motivation and energy levels were shot. I finally got to the 3 mile marker on the boardwalk and my family cheered and ran with me to the finish line. I was exhausted and relieved that I persevered to the finish line, but I was hungry to do better. It took a long time to recover and even attempt short runs after that.


In 2013, I tried to restart my training for another marathon, but two weeks in, I herniated my L5S1 disc. It was a devastating blow mentally and physically. During my six month check in with my doctor, I was told I should never run again due to the strain it would have on my spine. It felt like a bomb went off next to me. I took some time off from running, however I desperately wanted to prove everyone wrong. I ran a few minor races, but truly picked up my running shoes in 2018 to train for a half marathon. I took to the internet and began researching ways to improve and train with a disc injury. Thanks to regular Physical Therapy visits for over a year, my pain began to ebb away. I was just focused on doing as much research on running, nutrition, cross-training, etc as I could to get to that finish line strong. 

Going into half marathon race day, I had 4 goals: 1. Finish the race, 2. Don't stop running, 3. Maintain a max 10 minute mile pace, and 4. Break 2 hours. I succeeded in 3 of those 4 goals, and just missed breaking 2 hours by 7 teeny tiny  minutes. 

Upon finishing that race, my true love of running had reignited. I had forgotten how much I loved training in the snow, through muddy trails, exploring through neighboring towns, and the cross training that goes with it all. I just wanted to learn as much as I could to improve myself and while I was at it, help others to do the same. It was then when I finally realized that my true calling was to become a running coach and provide the information and out of the box training that I searched high and low for, back to my fellow runners. This was when the dream to create Trailblazer Run Co. came to life. 


TRAILBLAZER: (n) a pioneer; innovator; a person who makes a new track through wild country

At Trailblazer Run Co. we are looking to help you reach your true potential as a runner, whether it is to PR a half marathon, or to run your very first 5K. We believe that every runner has their own trail to create in this world, and together we want to help you achieve that. 

Trailblazer Run Co. is comprised of a few different services:

1. TBRC Running Club: Our running club is open to all runners, experience does not matter, we welcome all looking for a fun and motivating run! We meet Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings to explore trails around Morris County!

2. Personal Running Training: For runners looking for a more personal approach to their goals, I offer custom training plans for any running goal - PR, first marathon, or just starting out!

3. Seminars: Periodic running related seminars to better help you supplement your training! We will be working on providing - running technique seminars, cross training, recovery, nutrition, amongst other topics!

TBRC is lucky to be partnered with OTBA & OTB PT where we have the opportunity to work with strength coaches, classes, and an onsite Physical Therapist!

My Philosophy as a Coach:

I whole heartedly believe that running is a full spectrum sport. In order to become stronger and faster, you need to incorporate the proper cross training, recovery, and nutrition into your training. You can't expect to improve if you are not properly preparing for your runs. 

I believe that all runners should include 1. Strength & Cross Training (ie Crossfit, biking, HIIT, body weight strength, etc), 2. Mobility & Recovery (ie Warm Up/Cooldown, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Stretching, rest, etc), and 3. Nutrition alongside your running training to remain injury free, incorporate a healthy lifestyle, and become an overall stronger athlete!

What I hope to provide to you is:

-A fun and driven community of runners who are looking for the motivation to accomplish their biggest running goals

-An out of the box approach to running training & coaching from my 20+ years of experience

-A home base facility to learn more about running through various seminars, cross training, events, etc

-Motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals

-Open line of communication to properly scale your training plan to prevent injury and burn out

My expectations from you:

-Open and honest communication


-Determined mindset

Together, let’s work towards accomplishing your biggest running goals!

Become a Trailblazer, and LEAVE YOUR TRAIL


45 Horse Hill Rd, Suite 105C, Cedar Knolls, NJ  07927

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