Improve Your All Around Fitness

Most runners believe that for fitness all you need to do is run, but that is a common misconception! You need to incorporate strength training, cross training, and recovery techniques into your everyday training plan! Luckily TBRC is partnered with OTB Athletics and OTB Physical Therapy to make our services a one stop shop!

OTB Athletics is home to Cedar Knolls Crossfit with Crossfit classes throughout the day and open gym hours. With COVID, classes are also being offered at the same time virtually if you don't want to workout in the gym setting. All workouts can be modified according to equipment you have at home.

OTB Physical Therapy is located within OTB Athletics across from the indoor turf field. Services include Physical Therapy sessions, injury prevention resources for athletes, Functional Movement Screenings (included with Premium Personal Training package), and Normatec Compression recovery sessions!

Click the links below for more info about each and how to sign up for a session!

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