2021: Goal Setting

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little bit of a hiatus for me. Once the COVID shutdown happened, my 9-5 became my main focus on my days. In July I was in the middle of a 2 month anxiety fest for a promotion. Luckily after two months, I pulled it off however the anxiety in waiting, my self increased workload in trying to prove why I deserved this new role, and, well COVID really took me away from focusing on TBRC. Over the last week and a half I have been on my personal staycation reorganizing my life for 2021 (you know the ever popular New Year New Me).

With everything we have all been through over the last 10 months, I felt it would be a good opportunity, while I am working through the same practice, to stress the importance of taking time for yourself to really sit down and look at your life and health. Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally where you anticipated you would be? Are there areas of opportunity? Is there something you didn’t quite accomplish this year? Are there things you want to work on? Things you want to start, stop, enhance?

Goal setting is such an important thing that we should include in our lives personally, professionally, and in our athletic abilities. I personally like to follow the Level 10 Life plan in which you take 10 areas (Friends & Family, Spirituality, Finance, Marriage, Career, Charity, Home, Fun& Rec, Health & Fitness, and Personal Development) and rank yourself on how well you are fulfilling each of those areas in your life and then set goals for the year on how to improve upon them. I have each of those areas marked out in my Bullet Journal Planner and keep track of each regularly.

Every year I like to go over my Lifetime Running/Fitness Bucket List and then based off of that, choose one main goal for the year (ie: PR Marathon finish - which is mine!), I then determine the supporting goals to get me there - speed workouts, strength training, recovery to prevent injury, nutrition, PR 5K/10K/Half time trials). Once I've done that, I bucket out those goals into attainable actions and start working on my personalized draft training plan for the year. I need to stress ‘draft' because anything can come up - ahem - like a pandemic. I personally find that writing down my goals in a place that I can easily reflect back on is the best way to truly focus on what I want to accomplish for the year. Maybe a vision board of everything related to your goals, or a post it with your goal on your mirror, or an inspiring quote. Develop mantras that you can repeat to yourself when you don’t want to run and for when you're slugging through a tough run that will push you to finish. Call upon athletes/people you look up to and read their stories. Running is such an individualized sport so make your goals and your reminders totally customized to you!

Put in the time now to plan out your goals for 2021, and get at them. Don’t get frustrated and give up when the going gets tough. Goals are supposed to be hard, if they aren’t then the goal isn’t hard enough. Keep pushing through, edit, and redetermine your goals regularly! Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some new options for Personal Training and the Running Club so keep an eye out (another goal of mine was to get back into the thick of TBRC!) If you are interested in some help in jumpstarting your 2021 goals, send me a message! Together let's determine how you are going to Leave Your Trail! Happy Running!

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